A subwoofer made in France to immerse yourself in a video game or a concert

A subwoofer made in France to immerse yourself in a video game or a concert

“Revolutionize the world of audio and make sound felt”.This is the promise made by Alban Duroy, ex-wind technician and creator of BassMe, a personal subwoofer allowing “to physically feel the sound, as if you were in concert, in the scene of your movie or immersed in your favorite video game.A whole program, therefore, on paper.

For two years, with his Studio Duroy teams, the entrepreneur has imagined a surprising object that we press against his chest using a shoulder strap, capable, he assures, of bringing us in " in a new dimension of hearing experience.”With a call price set at 129 euros, BassMe +, 25% more powerful than the first generation launched in 2019, should appeal to a large audience.

Crowned with an Innovation Award at the last CES in Las Vegas, the most important technological innovation fair in the world, will this portable subwoofer live up to my expectations? To get to the bottom of it (and rhythm), I tested it in preview in different situations.

Test 1: Fight like a Viking, be an NBA rookie or jump from a building like Spiderman?

BassMe + was developed to increase the world of video games from a home console.While waiting for the release of the PS5 on November 19, I am launching the A4 generation to develop this “unique immersive experience”.Arranged on my chest , the 370 grams of the device are quickly forgotten thanks to the shoulder rest which ensures a very good distribution of the weight and the maintenance of the speaker on the chest.Rather light and ergonomic, therefore.

Posted Date: 2021-03-12

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